Support the Maya Foundation 2014

On 3rd December 2014, during the celebration of the international day of the disabled, we were thanked by the municipality for being initiators of Centro Maya SI and for our ten-year presence and activities for the Maya of San Juan La Laguna and the neighboring villages. Accompanied by a musical rendition of the Wilhelmus (Dutch National Anthem), pupils from the Center carried a Dutch flag to a stage in front of the town hall and placed it there. Several speakers then mentioned their appreciation for the achievements of the Foundation Support the Maya over the past years. During the celebration of the international day of the disabled, the Director of Centro Maya Servicio Integral emphasized the special meaning of the Foundation for people with disabilities.

However, the Foundation did not only make a valuable contribution to Centro Maya in 2014, but also helped a number of young people with an education through the foundations study fund. A special point to mention is that one of the former pupils of the Center graduated as a teacher this year and now has work as a teacher. He earns part of the cost for his follow-up study at the University, where he is enthusiastically doing a study for specialized teaching. During the graduation ceremony another pupil from Center received the honorary title "Mujer de Maíz" (wife of maize) from a representative of the Office of the Human Rights due to her outstanding results. She will also be doing a follow-up study at the University. Another student achieved excellent results in high school and is now starting a seven-year engineering study.  The University has guaranteed her employment after completion of the first three years of study!

Fantastic ... all those wonderful results, but a University education costs a lot of money!

 We are desperately looking for people who would like to contribute to the study costs.

In 2014 26 people participated in a school education, partially or wholly paid by our Foundation.

Primary education: 7 students - 2 moved up to secondary education in January 2015.

Secondary education: 8 students – 3 received their diploma and 2 will follow through to vocational education.

Vocational education: 9 students - 4 received their diploma and moved on to University in January 2015

University: 2 students, of which one will graduate in 2015.

Despite our intention to keep expenditures to a minimum for the Social Fund due to the priority given to Centro Maya SI, we have not managed to reduce the expenditures within the fund as compared to previous years. The main reason for this was the sudden serious illness of one of the former pupils of Centro Maya. After an emergency admittance to the hospital it was established that she had a serious intestine infection resulting in the partial removal of her intestines. The doctor concerned explained that the cause had to be sought in the poor sanitary conditions under which the family of the girl lived. The sandy floor on which they lived was highly contaminated. The infection, caused by a parasite, was also diagnosed on her brothers and sisters. It was therefore necessary to find suitable accommodation for the family as soon as possible. Fortunately we succeeded in finding a suitable house in which the family, mother and four children, now live. In contrast to the previous accommodation it is rainproof and has running water (tap), a toilet, shower, electricity and a cement floor.

In a campaign using local radio, TV, newspapers and a personnel magazine the management of the Foundation succeeded in raising the money needed for the purchase and renovation of the house.

Looking back at the achievements of the past year gives us great satisfaction. The work of our Foundation is becoming more widely known and the following excerpt is proof of that.

On friendly terms with the magistrate of the appeals court.

Following an unfortunate incident with our neighbor we had to appear with him before the magistrate of the appeals court who resides here regularly. He asked us to explain what we did here and it was soon clear that he was unfamiliar with the existence of Centro Maya which directly led to an invitation to visit. The Director of our Center did not waste any time and the following day she went to see the magistrate, carrying a freshly baked whole grain roll. The meeting was planned between two cases which allowed the magistrate and his secretary to visit the Center. He was very impressed with the work being done and paid tribute to this by giving Lety, the director, an envelope for the benefit of the Centre. The envelope contained the proceeds of the last fines. The proceeds of fines are often given to charitable causes and this time we were the lucky ones. Since then he has visited the Center several times with much enthusiasm and always bearing a small envelope.

Greetings from Guatemala and thanks for all the help the Foundation received from you over the past year,

Ruth and Albert

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